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Trimteck supplies an array of industries with high-quality, cost effective flow control solutions for critical processes. Welcome to Trimteck, the ultimate element of control.
We understand that our customers need to keep their plants operating at peak efficiency, and we are equipped to rapidly deliver our reliable, cost effective Optimux control valve solutions and parts at a moment's notice.
Trimteck is an American company committed to global environmental sustainability and focused on designing and manufacturing products that improve energy efficiency, reduce down time, and minimize harmful fugitive emissions.
  • Severe Service Trim Cover Image Medium
    Severe Service Trims -  Cavitation, flashing, and noise in control valves are a concern for plant stakeholders, such as operators, maintenance personnel, and owners, because they can be the source of decreased utility and profi tability. Cavitating or noisy valves can cause damage to (more...)
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